Adani Group

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Mrs.Priti Adani who is the Chairperson of Adani Foundation, the CSR arm of the Adani Group.

Pranav Adani,Managing Director, Agro and Oil & Gas.

Karan Adani is a graduate from the Purdue University, USA and is presently the Executive Director of Adani Ports and SEZ

Mr. Rajesh S.Adani,Serves as Managing Director of Adani Wilmar Limited

Adani Group
Founder: Gautam Shantilal Adani.
Wife: Priti Adani manages Adani Foundation
Son: Karan Adani handles the ports business
Brother: Rajesh Adani oversees the trading business
Nephew: Pranav Adani looks after the agri business
Total turnover: Rs 28,000 crore in 2009/10
Main companies: Adani Enterprises, Adani Power, Adani Wilmer, and Mundra Port and SEZ


Since its foundation in 1988, the Group’s business has grown exponentially. Projections for the next few years suggest the expansion is set to continue.

The back-story to our success is the growth of India’s middle class. Their demand for goods and services places an ever-growing demand on the nation’s infrastructure, in terms of ports, power, water and transportation.

The Government has struggled to keep pace and, as a result, invited the private sector to contribute. The opening up of the energy and infrastructure markets is a huge opportunity for Adani. Our coal mining, cargo handling and power generation activities are projected to increase four to 10 fold over the next decade.


Adani Group